API Design Patterns Book Published


The API design patterns featured in many of the refactorings in this catalog form the core of the book called “Patterns for API Design: Simplifying Integration with Loosely Coupled Message Exchanges”, published by the Addison-Wesley Signature series editor Vaughn Vernon on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The book features 44 patterns as well as an introduction to API fundamentals and a domain model for APIs. Six decision narratives guide through the conceptual level of API design, identifying 29 recurring decisions with options and criteria. It applies the patterns to three cases, the fictitious Lakeside Mutual microservices scenario as well as two real-world projects that have been running in productions for a long time. The book also contains an introduction to the Microservice Domain Specific Language (MDSL) that we used to illustrate many of our refactorings. A pattern eligibility cheat sheet is available as well.

Patterns for API Design Cover Image

“Patterns for API Design” is available at Amazon.com, InformIT and other bookstores.