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Refactorings Workshopped at EuroPLoP23


We submitted eight interface refactorings to this year’s EuroPLoP writer’s workshop. The paper was well received, and we received a lot of helpful and constr... ... (read more)

API Design Pattern of the Week


The API Design Pattern of the Week series is a collection of articles introducing the API design patterns featured in the Patterns for API Design book. The s... ... (read more)

API Design Patterns Book Published


The API design patterns featured in many of the refactorings in this catalog form the core of the book called “Patterns for API Design: Simplifying Integrati... ... (read more)

Refactorings implemented in MDSL Tools


The latest MDSL Tools implement most refactorings described in this catalog. They are also available through the MDSL Web Tools, a Web application to transfo... ... (read more)

Done for 2021


The final four API “refactorings” (for this year) are now published online. Unlike the previously provided ones, they affect service level agreements and des... ... (read more)

Hello World!


The first three refactorings have been published: ... (read more)

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